Accepted Papers

PDF versions of the papers can be found in the AAAI Digital Library

Stefano Faralli, Giovanni Stilo and Paola Velardi
What Women Like: a Gendered Analysis of Twitter Users’ Interests based on a Twixonomy

Ramakrishna Bairi, Mark Carman and Ganesh Ramakrishnan
On the Evolution of Wikipedia: Dynamics of Categories and Articles

Misha Teplitskiy, Grace Lu and Eamon Duede
The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge to Wikipedia

Daniel Moyer, Thayne Keegan Dye, Samuel L. Carson, Richard T. Carson and David Goldbaum
Determining the Influence of Reddit Posts on Wikipedia Pageviews

Sven Heimbuch and Daniel Bodemer
Let's Talk about Talks: Supporting Knowledge Exchange Processes on Wiki Discussion Pages

Eduard Aibar
Wikipedia, Academia, and Science

Oliver Ferschke, Diyi Yang and Carolyn Rose
A Lightly Supervised Approach to Role Identification in Wikipedia Talk Page Discussions

Ellery Wulczyn, Leila Zia and Robert West
Increasing Article Coverage in Wikipedia

Pierpaolo Dondio
Unpacking the structure of knowledge diffusion in Wikipedia between local biases and Noble Prizes

Sungjoon Park, Suin Kim, Alice Oh, Scott Hale, Sooyoung Kim and Jeongmin Byun
Multilingual Wikipedia: Editors of Primary Language Contribute to More Complex Articles

Mohammad Mahdian, Robert West and Leila Zia
Automatic Bilingual Dictionary Generation using Wikipedia

Marc Miquel Ribé
User Engagement on Wikipedia, A Review of Studies of Readers and Editors

Giovanni Maria Sacco
Exploratory Access to Wikipedia through Faceted Dynamic Taxonomies

Geoffrey Fairchild, Lalindra De Silva, Sara Del Valle and Alberto Segre
Eliciting disease data from Wikipedia articles

Yerali Gandica, Joao Carvalho, Fernando Sampaio Dos Aidos and Renaud Lambiotte
Wikipedia as a suitable real data base to study bursty behavior

Stefano De Sabbata, Arzu Çöltekin, Kathryn Eccles, Scott Hale and Ralph Straumann
Collaborative visualizations for Wikipedia critique and activism

Fabian Flöck, David Laniado, Felix Stadthaus and Maribel Acosta
Towards better visual tools for exploring Wikipedia article development – the Use Case of "Gamergate Controversy"

Elena Labzina
Inconsistency between Salience and the Dynamics of Changes: The Information War on Wikipedia

Daniel Lamprecht, Denis Helic and Markus Strohmaier
Quo vadis? On the effects of Wikipedia’s policies on navigation